For most of my life, I have been in and out of doctors’ offices and waiting rooms- I was born with Cerebral Palsy. Throughout the seemingly never ending hours in those offices, I have had the privilege to meet many courageous children who have CP just like me, and parents of children with CP, just like mine. I am humbled by the many children with CP that I have met. The children and their parents inspire me because there are significant differences between me and the children. When I walk into the doctor’s office, I do it independently. However, many must do it with walkers, canes, if they are not confined to a wheelchair. The parents, many of them young, have the same expressions my parents once wore on their faces; expressions of pain, worry, and uncertainty for their child. I have had many an opportunity to listen to the dreams of the children I have met in those offices. Listening to them, I can’t help but see a younger version of myself in them. Let’s face it, how can you not see yourself in kids who have the same dreams you did when you were their age? For Example:

  • Walking without leg braces 
  • Tying their shoes 
  • Puting their clothes on by themselves
  • Not falling down in the hallway at school

As I listened their excitement would only increase and their smiles only get bigger. In contrast, their parents’ eyes would get watery because hope appeared distant. The parents would explain to me how worried they are about their child’s upcoming operation, medical bills, and future. These parents and children whom have met are some of the most genuine, loving, and courageous people I have ever encountered. In return for their inspiration I want to pay forward that inspiration with the gift of hope. Hope that their health insurance will pay for the next surgery or treatment without concern . Hope their child will walk. Hope to be independent in school. Hope that all their aspirations can be fulfilled.My mission is to assist children with CP and their parents who selflessly dedicate their lives to their children. As I embark on my next CP awareness campaign, “Pave Your Path Project”, I want to do all I can to bring those families’ hope and help to overcome their challenges by paving their path. Please help me to pay it forward by supporting the “Pave Your Path Project”. It will not only mean the world to me but, but also to the families who lives I am working to change.

 Purpose and Goals

  • Bringing hope to children and the parents of those who are struggling with CP or childhood disabilities.
  • Raising awareness for children with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities.
  • Inspiring all people who are experiencing a detrimental disability, injury, addiction, or obstacle to overcome their adversity and use their “disadvantage” to their advantage.
  • Helping to increase the funding for Cerebral Palsy treatment and research.
  • Accomplishing various physical feats in Europe in dedication to those who have inspired me to overcome my own obstacles.

 Vision and Execution

I am a firm believer that human potential can only be reached by those who make decisions out of love, not fear. Everyday I ask myself “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Now, it is not easy to face your fears or overcome obstacles, but it is necessary and it is possible. The perseverance and struggle through adversity is what allows you to grow positively as a person. Through the Pave Your Path Project, I intend to document my adventures across Europe this upcoming fall. I will be highlighting the physical challenges I experience and the struggles I work to overcome my Cerebral Palsy. As stated above, my goal is to show that dreams can be accomplished if you are supported with Hope and Faith and work to persevere through the obstacles.   its impact on me and others.

    In Conclusion

    Thank you for taking interest in my project to impact others’ lives. I hope you will join me as I pave my path through Luxembourg and Europe. Who knows, maybe in the process you will begin paving yours as well. Thank you again for your time, prayers, suggestions, and contributions and may God Bless you.